Foundations of Cybersecurity

Personal Security, System Security, Network Security (using Wireshark and Metasploit), Applied Security (Cryptography, Digital Forensics, Criminal Justice and Computer Science) Project Lead the Way Certified.

AP Computer Science A

Introduction to programming with Java, Computer History, Hardware Basics, Ethics in Programming. College Board Certified.

AP Computer Science Principles

Computer Science History, Careers, Intro to Programming using Scratch and Python, Networking, Looking at Big Data, Little Data and Data Trends, Solving Complex Problems. Project Lead the Way Certified.

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Digital Citizenship (Social Media, Online Safety, Passwords, News Literacy, Cyber-Bullying, Copyright), Smartphone Etiquette, Parts of a Computer and how it works, Parts of a Network and how it works, Solving Logic Puzzles and Games, Productivity Tools, Visual Programming with Scratch, Making Mobile Apps with Android App Inventor, and Creating a website with HTML/CSS.

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